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NIKE and givenchy designer Riccardo Tisc collaborated to launch AF shoes. The adidas designers Raf Simons and well-known concept of running shoes also exposed. The very sense of technology shoes, is definitely an innovative move. The color area is a breakthrough, including pink, pale blue, bright yellow and red, and so on, making the overall look more dynamic. The series includes a total of 20 models in different designs. Interested friends, remember to pay attention to the follow-up reports PKPOP. passion; in June, millions of loyal fans stayed up all night because of the flames of the world cup in Munich, germany. There are Chinese shoes of the reputation of Wenzhou, another missing shoe annual terminal channel smoke battle also in each hotel like a raging fire on many of the marketing department manager, to leave no stone unturned. banners and balloon ads dangling from all major hotels in downtown Wenzhou seem to be showing off to pedestrians; more important than meetings in previous years. The train station adjacent to the Marriott Hotel, Wenzhou Hotel, Red Sun Hotel, emerge in an endless stream product marketing orders will also become a beautiful landscape. At the entrance of a big hotel in the downtown ar Retro jordans for sale ea, you can even see the advertisement board with three different shoes enterprises' marketing seminars or new orders. According to the Wenzhou shoe industry association secretary general Zhu Feng introduced: June and July each year to the shoe enterprises is off-season, hold similar new products or orders will have Wenzhou shoe enterprises especially the traditional brand enterprises. recently, held in Wenzhou Dili Co. Ltd. 2006 hybrid card marketing seminar, training chairman Wang Zhongqiang specially invited from Beijing well-known experts to the scene nearly a hundred agents throughout the country. hybrid card why spend money in Dili new orders during the recruitment of lecturers for agents training? Deputy general Chi Rong Guo explained that the company's good intentions because of the "successful marketing charter event", the emperor card at home and shoes oni counterparts in popularity rapidly improved, greatly encouraged the agents throughout the country, dealers and employees. Chairman Wang Zhongqiang is nonstop rushing around the country and coming to the forefront of marketing, and found that brand image and terminal maintenance in an asymmetric state. Therefore, the training for agents, first o jordan 3 katrina 2018 f all reflects the company's concern and concern for agents. Agents are brand enterprises in various regions of the branch, is the regional brand management. How to manage the terminal franchisee and standardize and maintain this small channel marketing has become the key to the stable and long term operation of the agent area. It is understood that in 2005 the company is the development of the extraordinary year, emperor card has won the "oni products national exemption product" title and "Chinese leather shoes" title. secondly, in the order during the training and management will only interest in their interests to guide them, and let the brand enterprise with the agents in the product price, advertising and other support interest wrangling, rather than increase their profit, they increase the hand off professor the strength of the method, namely "give a man a fish, as delegate to fish". Therefore, in addition to well-known brand enterprises, now more and more Wenzhou second tier brand enterprises are highly respected training channel management.The integrated design of footwear has become the theme of the design ideas and PUMA shoes, should also be well launched their own weaving style IGNITE EvoKnit. This use Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale of woven material of the shoe body, supplemented by the band to enhance the overall stability, and ankle with PUMA embroidery decoration, in the end is equipped with exclusive Ignite cushioning technology. puma-ignite-pro-knit-black-grey.jpg (159.83 KB, download number: 0) download PUMA IGNITE EvoKnit 2016-6-30 21:45 upload puma-ignite-pro-knit-black-grey-3.jpg (142.65 KB, download number: 0) download PUMA IGNITE EvoKnit 2016-6-30 21:45 upload puma-ignite-pro-knit-black-grey-4.jpg (156.25 KB, download number: 0) download PUMA IGNITE EvoKnit 2016-6-30 21:45 upload puma-ignite-pro-knit-black-grey-1.jpg (131.05 KB, download number: 0) download PUMA IGNITE EvoKnit 2016-6-30 21:45 upload puma-ignite-pro-knit-black-grey-2.jpg (130.27 KB, download number: 0) download PUMA IGNITE EvoKnit 2016-6-30 21:45 upload embroidery decoration, stability, theme, weave, black and white 00for two consecutive years of success into the Super Cup Seattle Seahawks in forty-ninth Championship showdown with the England Seahawks and the Patriots giants, Earl Thomas who recently headed tour last year before wearing Air Jordan 6 'Championship' style again on foot, this version of the same metal effect to create specular glos jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black s, and super the details of the 48 session of the cup sign on the insole, move in addition to cheer with his team, Earl Thomas also showed the Title Determination, increase the head for the upcoming forty-ninth super bowl. source: earl_thomas29 PUMA MOBIUM ELITE to start but would like to experience the actual wear shoe has a good sense of exploration should be reported to you now, tomorrow, (4/27) PM 3:00~6:00 in the city of Taipei Xinyi District Santika Avenue (A8, A9, A11 and three pavilions, such as maps, near the MRT station to the municipal government) small runway close to on the PUMA MOBIUM ELITE dynamic adaptive run technology brings new experience as to the site, of course the southern friends don't hurry, 5/19 in a dream era Heng stores will also have the same activities held at the south of the shoe will not Miss Lu kan! Note: the activities have a rainy day record, regardless of the weather view a larger map "who can play tricks with the two words" NIKE for this year's summer activities set the tone, but for the small village of blood passionate friends to play tricks, sometimes really need immediate reinforcements. In Yamashiro Ri's love of basketball a little friend (but also is the teacher in the Cheap air jordans for sale eyes of trouble) under the guidance of coach, began to use their spare time to play basketball, but also made on behalf of the Nantou County to compete for the initial establishment, the team, this is a good opportunity but also brings extra burden. kobe-bryant-taipei-training-camp-puli-charity-10kobe-bryant-taipei-training-camp-puli-charity-10 kobe-bryant-taipei-training-camp-puli-charity-2kobe-bryant-taipei-training-camp-puli-charity-2 kobe-bryant-taipei-training-camp-puli-charity-12kobe-bryant-taipei-training-camp-puli-charity-12 led by Chen Junhui Lin Weicheng, the two coach of the school basketball team is the first to Puli Nanguang country, let the kids in school can have a place to play on, from three years ago began, became the first time in seventeen years to come to participate in the national competition on behalf of the Nantou County team, the teacher stressed that "we want to let the dream" the kids their own efforts to complete the team's performance, with fancy dribbling to attract market lady, greengrocer's donation so that they can play well, now Kobe Bryant and Taiwan Nike also lend a helping hand, hope that this was forced to wear school softball team jersey can continue to dream of basketball, i Cheap foamposites for sale n stroke Kobe compact Taiwan, in addition to basketball equipment and provide the kids shirt fit, but also by Kobe Bryant with the actual basketball training Let the children feel the common passion of the world and really practice the goal of "anyone can do something". kobe-bryant-taipei-training-camp-puli-charity-16kobe-bryant-taipei-training-camp-puli-charity-16 kobe-bryant-taipei-training-camp-puli-charity-15kobe-bryant-taipei-training-camp-puli-cha〉The United States BAIT following the many new shoe joint after the sale, the recent Asics Gel-Lyte III and retro shoes again to launch the "Nightmare" color, Gel-Lyte III first sale to this year has been twenty-fifth years, functional design is still one of the best choice for many people wearing the collocation, with plans to celebrate the 25th anniversary launch he cast many shoes, leather material, to create a different design style, and eye. can see many different materials in the picture, respectively, tilapia skin like crocodile skin texture, smooth and toe leather shoes as the official general appearance and build a good texture, and these special materials are imported from Japan leather factory; in addition, the ventilation window and the tongue sig Cheap jordans online ns middle shoes Arthur, the rear also have 3M reflective ingenuity, add a lot of street cred. In the overall low-key color matching, these small details seem to be able to jump out of it, so that the designers of the material of the use of a single tree. But there is also a surprise in the soles of the feet, through the feet of translucent big bottom printed on the brand, but also represents the brand of cooperative descent. Asics in recent years and cutting-edge designer or European and American brands cooperation, innovative design for pure Oriental style, the style of the ingenious combination of BAIT x Asics. Gel-Lyte III "Nightmare" is the best example. As in the past, the BAIT will also be sold through a random draw system and is scheduled to be available for sale at 9/26 abroad, priced at $200. source: EUkicksFollowing the ComplexCon activities appeared earlier in the black and White Checkered style, Jordan Brand's staff recently shared the two never been exposed to snake version, shoe body part with snake leather embossing processing, a cool extraordinarily low-key luxury. Can be found in the last two 31 generation Jumpman Logo conversion into Wings logo, closer to the tribute object Air Jordan 1 essence, t cheap jordans he overall style more casual setting but also can not help but suspect, always in combat is the main direction of the Air Jordan series this year intends to carry out field leisure version? Looking forward to more information and information disclosure. source: @frankcooker by Kobe Bryant? Three Kobe 9 endorsement? In the market is very popular, and the Nike? Kobe 9? Lifestyle series of leisure products is the exposure of new shoes? Nike Kobe 9 Mid EXT?, breathable material uppers with snakeskin pattern? Flywire dynamic fly line, ankle to heel is the rare Kobe series leather, rubber sole collocation make casual style add a lot, at present in Europe in the sale area is expected in August 29th. news source: NT?Air Jordan 3 "Powder Blue" will be sold in a particular store over the weekend, we all prospecting shoe currently has announced the sale to organize dealers to stay in the Facebook, of course there will be some department store sale, also please telephone inquiries, the actual selling way and the place to store transaction mechanism please announcement in this paper, will be updated to the 1/17 date tomorrow. Wuchang 23 red sports sports smile Fucheng source: FinishlineAir Jordan 1 SB will be sold over the Cheap foamposites for sale weekend, and we will be able to coordinate the dealer's current sales methods for Facebook. The actual selling method, mechanism and location will be subject to the announcement of the store. Wuchang 23BMX definitions of free form until today there has been no a complete conclusion. Some people say professional competition set up special is free, and some people say that the freestyle is holding a BMX arbitrary play is free. Among all the points of view, however, the most common saying is that any way to ride is free, because BMX itself is derived from motion! so the question again, today released the driver Tim Knoll is freestyle BMX of a geek; his riding style root based on Flatland, but use all kinds of strange terrain and props. This time he has also brought another driver, Fisher Pat, Pat's riding style with a climbing action element. His appearance made this video seem even more abundant. due to the action of the two drivers are mostly completed in the ground, so small make up this piece of the classification of the ground fancy, I hope you can like this BMX style.Nike this time to open a LeBron 9 Low new color masterpiece. This pair of LeBron 9 Low and LeBron 9 P.S. Elite Nike before the "South Beach" has a go air jordan 11 space jam for sale od color combination of different approaches but equally satisfactory results, the overall Hyperfuse vamp to gray tone, great and strong contrast and bright pink blue. The body of the shoe laces, middle fixed plate and the outer sole etc. is with blue background, lining, tongue and upper Nike mark is added to the bright pink color embellishment, foot cushion is equipped with Air Max configuration, is absolutely the double LeBron fans in the summer will be a new topic. At present, this double LeBron 9 Low has not yet further sale information, you shoes fans please look forward to. full upper reflective 5Lab3 with its stunning full reflective vamp won many fans of all ages, in the previously launched white sister 3LAB5 style was not the hot case, the black Jordan 5Lab3 " shoe debut Air; Black", recaptured a lot of attention. Its collocation black medium bottom and crystal big bottom, the whole feeling is more low-key, and the whole vamp reflection effect but there is no discount, add more cold taste. The number is 631603-010, will be officially on sale in May 17th, interested friends to ah.from Spike Lee PE's "Nicks spray" date of sale has not been determined, and now there are sources revealed that this shoes will be released on November 26th, I do not know this news is true? Always bouncing but will strike our positive ~. can have Nike Mag is a lot of people's dream, but has anyone thought of this pair of high price shoes custom? Kickasso Kustoms turns it into reality. The shoe body dyed black, Swoosh into the golden grid, midsole and heel with gold ink, showing the whole of 2011 Nike Elite away color style, bold but good.Air Max Shoes help the people to jump higher and also the ease that one will feel in the Nike Dunks Mid along with low are undoubtedly striking. The air max 2009 women that are offered as low dunk, high dunk and dunk SB are said to typically the most popular brand of shoes to get different category of actively playing. Say: Nike dunk SB is used by Skaters whereas dunk low/high through basket ball players. Nike dunks higher and low; Dunk SB and Air Jordans have become the new face of sneakers industry. Except the 2 main kinds above, our organization also supplies cheap air max shoes that could also be one of your current choices to fulfill your own need. 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In actual fact, using this method is admittedly pretty typical using this type seeing that will these day you'll find a wonderful a higher level methods of any individual available. In such, these day you can use a wonderful a higher standard models and also alternatives that have been most of quite outstanding inside very finish presenting about this awesome line. The way it trouble, this Lens is really some of those traces that is definitely among the list of considering the LeBron identify composed with this. Although Lens is usually thought to be a common, every single type beyond containing actually achieved quite properly eventually. These day there are actually personal trainer features about this line that are usually fitted with many of already been launched throughout.Kobe shoes for sale are much more fashionable as well as fashionable using each generate maintain making the growing need with this type and in addition identify complete. This Solider is usually truly a label that may be definitely located and in addition available within only a wonderful structure with presenting and even appeal within the finish. Quite only, it is frequently this seems and is made of with more durable items and also longer lasting level of comfort. It is actually while using lastly edition from the Lens family members when concurrently seems to consider anything exclusively marginally numerous. This edition is known to give much more of an avenue vogue appeal that will be an amazing sneaker so you might very own eventually. With the women, this Gloria line is basically very popular. Made throughout This article is from