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every year Halloween will come again, and Nike regularly introduces some shoes to match the atmosphere of the festival. The two pairs of Nike, Halloween, Count, and Force look almost the same at first sight, and when you look closely, you will find small differences. They are using the snakeskin, India and paint as elephantiasis. The colors are black, gold, orange, white, and a little green. Let a person move. download (121.42, KB) 07-9-21 just spent 25 birthday NBA star Kevin Durant has signed Nike boots for 5 generations, and for the very influential scoring machine 5 signature sneaker is definitely not enough, was like a raging fire during Kevin Durant's next generation boots also surfaced in the playoffs. The day before the exposure of this pair of Nike KD VI from KD V for high return to low cut before two generation body design, with internal and external asymmetry of the shoe body design, far see reality and Nike's assassin series of soccer shoes are very similar, whether or not you love unknown. Although there is no information on the sale of this section KD VI, but it is learned that the price of KD VI will reach a new high of 1099 yuan, and since then, KD series has officially entered the level of 1000 yuan shoes! with the strengthening of health awareness, and run men hit show, people set off a wave of running boom. So there are people to take this part-time to run to make money, running in addition to make money, we really are a lot of benefits. However, running to pay attention to scientific running, the correct breathing, or else it is doing useless work, the effect of the effect. breathing is very important for the runner to master the correct breathing method, will make your running achievements in a qualitative leap. jogging as much as possible to stick to the nose inhale low intensity jogging, try to stick with the nose, do not breathe, especially in the cold weather. Because breathing with the mouth, cold air go for the throat and trachea, easy to cause inf Retro jordans for sale lammation of upper respiratory tract infection, and even lead to stitch, make running difficult to adhere to. Sniff nasal, warm air, nose blocking bacteria, can be avoided. in high intensity exercise, through the nose to breathe in the oxygen can only meet the aerobic capacity of 27% ~ 40%, when reaching the maximum exercise intensity of 3 / 4. At the same time, the proposed use nose and mouth breathing. Pay attention to breathing with mouth with the tongue against the palate, to prevent excessive inhalation of cold air. breathing with the rhythm of running to adjust the corresponding There are two general methods of breathing while running: one step a step two step two step a call and a call. At the beginning of the movement is the level of breathing, according to the degree of movement, gradually slowly changed into a deep breath. Any expansion of the chest, limb stretch, with the inhale, and vice versa with the breath. If you have the force of action, before the force of deep inspiration, breath. With different intensity of exercise, breathing rhythm also make adjustments accordingly. in general, warm up and relax, breathing can along with the pace of adjustment for the third step a breath, three step a call or three step a breath, two steps a call; when gradually accelerated, to moderate intensity, the respiratory adjustment for two step a breath, two steps a call. This kind of breathing rhythm is more stable, suitable for most people in the long run. When running at a speed of 10 km / hour, increase the amount of muscle oxygen and need to the regulation of respiration to suction in two steps, one step a call or vice versa. Race and sprint running speed, you need to step out of step, a call of the respiratory frequency. source: 39 Health Network when puma sports genes from 1948 meets the vitality of Max's cousin, state # A immediately sent #, put on the track and field style short tee, regardless of T stage, or track, she used the footsteps of accelerated transformation, achie air jordan 11 space jam for sale vement better yourself. This time, cousin Liu Wen as a spokesman for the puma in the Greater China region, was invited open ignite Dise launches, let us together watch puma ignite Dise conference site, see Liu Wen puma debut. in response to an interview with reporters at the scene, Liu Wen said this is her last assignment in Shanghai, will then travel to Boston (do not know is to catwalk or to run POMA). She is very pleased to be able to with 6 campaign officially began, the host in a period after greeting cousin invited on stage. Although no Liu Wen crazy fans, the media scene saw a pair of endless big legs or involuntarily wow. Have to say, dressed in shorts and short tee Liu Wen Huo Tuotuo a coat rack, slender symmetry, a look that is a good seedling. After , the host and Liu Wen rotating with an enlarged version of the disc rotating device, announced at the same time, the host stressed that PUMA is about to launch a campaign called app PUMATRAC. Big cousin is to follow the app led everyone to warm up, to prepare for the relay after the event. cousin not only two enviable life long legs, and a beauty dimple, you said is God unfair? Smiled big cousin, very little! the so-called relay, is the scene of the media is divided into five groups of red yellow and blue powder relay PK. In a design into the maze of the runway, each person into the runway after the dark out of the design into a disc rotating button 4 lamps. The shortest time to complete the relay team will receive an autograph by Boulter tee two. Big cousin team played the first one, have to say, Wuli big cousin playing very happy, play hard! Run up is still very serious, a little there is no shelf, Max affinity, or even run the time feel not fun, play once asked. the end of the game, the winning team is a group of Yan Zhichao high boys mix. Michael Boulter signature tee still has enough allure to love sport boys go all out in this game. this pair of full of futuristic ignite disc running shoes as 2016 puma new running products of the pioneer, also is a big cousin recommended, for both love running and love fashion trendsetter is undoubtedly a good choice. Disc IGNITE's new upgrade release is FOREVER to FA〉 PUMANike Air Yeezy 2 "Red October" HD 2013-12-09 00:00:15 the world dream around the shoes mihun; Nike Air Yeezy 2 "Red October" has no official information available on the Internet recently, however, the "red coconut" has frequently appeared, today, the foreign website also released a set of shoes Air Yeezy 2 "Red October" HD tushang, network rumors the shoes will be in the domestic super limited edition, only two stores in Shanghai for sale, how, we'd better wait patiently. Nike Air Yeezy KanyeWest wear through Sample 2013-12-08 22:12:58 did you buy Air Yeezy 2? No matter what happens, let's look at a couple of rare Air Yeezy Kanye West samples. the parents wore samples and Kanye West did not pay attention to the Grammys that were once passed at the annual Grammy AwardsNike Sportswear, following its previous release of two new styles of Zoom Toki, unveiled a new and colorful Air Toki ND. Different from the previous leather, this time the shoes are made of perfect suede. Even the NIKE LOGO on the shoe is only outlined in the gap. In addition, the top edge of the shoelace hole is specially made of the unique shape of the climbing boots. There will be two styles of black and red wine. This new kind of Air Toki color ND is expected to be officially released in the fourth quarter of this year, you want to start a friend should pay attention to the , canvas or leather uppers are often seen in Vans and Era, so what about synthetic rubber? From the texture of the Vans Neoprene Era diving suit, synthetic rubber stitching leather texture, give you a different feeling. Two tone upper with a bright rubber outsole. It's very lively and interesting.This year as Air Jordan 6 birthday 23rd anniversary, we have seen many design by the Jordan Brand team engraved on various versions of Air Jordan 6. At the same time, all Sneaker custom Master shoes also have launched their own custom works. Today to introduce this new customized version is operated by our familiar Dank Customs personally designed, using Air Jordan 6 Low blueprint for the design, and the design theme is a tribute to the rapper EMINEM global. Blue suede shoes is made, in the end, the tongue and inside by the black, while the bottom and heel also specially selected silver ornament, finally with transparent crystal outsole. air-jordan-6-low-eminem-customs-2.jpg (200.92 KB, download number: 6) download Air Jordan 6 Low EMINEM personal customized version of 2014-11-20 13:04 upload air-jordan-6-low-eminem-customs.jpg (176.36 KB, download number: 7) download Air Jordan 6 Low EMINEM personal customized version of 2014-11-20 13:04 upload air-jordan-6-low-eminem-customs-1.jpg (177.65 KB, download number: 10) download Air Jordan 6 Low EMINEM personal customized version of 2014-11-20 13:04 upload Since the beginning of this year, the government of Argentina to the European Union, and Chinese frequently from Brazil and other countries and regions, products anti-dumping investigations and anti-dumping measures, to reduce their business failures and the unemployment phenomenon, more than half of the survey for China products, including clothing, textiles, footwear, leather products, toys, cars and motorcycles accessories, zipper, stainless steel tableware, steel chain and other bits of metal mechanical parts, products. it is understood that the Argentina government in calculating the dumping margin of Chinese products, adopted the price standards of other countries, and some of the ruling anti-dumping duties are huge. As one of the main exporters of Fujian enterprises, Argentina's anti-dumping investigations and measures will inevitably affect the interests of the export enterprises in Fujian. According to statistics, in 2008 the Fujian inspection and quarantine inspection of export goods in Argentina area a total of 1763 batches, the value of $64 million 579 thousand and 500, 2009 1-2 month Argentina commodity inspection of export 132 batches, $5 million 528 thousand and 300, main products include footwear, motor, contactor food dish, the footwear products accounted for more than 60%. Fujian Province inspection and quarantine departments related enterprises, one is to pay close attention to the government of Argentina's anti-dumping investigation measures, ready to accept the investigation of related materials, such as product certificate of origin and trade contracts; two is in contact with the investigation at the same time, the contract for enterprises, industry associations and government departments, put forward opinions in the process of investigation of unfair and illegal behavior, to properly resolve trade frictions through international consultation and cooperation; three is the upgrading of export products, increase product added value, to reduce trade disputes, and increase export income. 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